• Cosmetics

      Mainly consisted of few handmade skincare brands from the State of Alaska, and our collections includes luxurious facial cream, lotion and soaps made from pure Alaskan goatmilk as well as 100% natural lip balms made from collected wild ingredients.

      Facial Cream Body Lotion Foot Cream Lip Balm Handmade Soap
  • Electronics

      From newly gadgets to high-tech monsters, we have all covered at here. Knowing your true needs is to serve you better, and one-stop customization service is also ready for your request in product solutions.

      RFID/IC Wristband Portable Power Bank
  • Bags & Luggages
      Bags & Luggages

      Innovation is the key to the sustainability, and the creativity and the self-fulfillment are vital. Meanwhile, our belief is that a state-of-the-art product would change the life of an ordinary and enhance his or her happinness.

      Diaper Bag Leather Wallet
  • Commodities

      Simplification is the symbol of efficiency in our daily life. Possession of all efficient ways would save your extra time from various complications and let you enjoy the beauty of simplification.

      Paper Cup
  • Gifts & Souvenirs
      Gifts & Souvenirs

      Looking for holiday gifts for families and friends as well as unique presents for special occasions, this product category would level up your coolness and bring the joy to your loved ones and social life.


Far Above Rubies

Far Above Rubies is a family-owned skincare products business which produces mainly handmade goat milk skincare products from Alaska. Far Above Rubies was born in the wild wild Alaska, and the creators of the brand are Jennifer Ansley and her families.

  • Cosmetics
  • Electronics
  • Bags & Luggages
  • Commodities
Fragrance Free Cream
A Rich Sensation of the Ordinary and the Purity
Arctic Blast
Air Breezing the Coldness of Arctic Circle
Vanilla Almond
Sweetened Love and Satisfaction in the Air

Stylish Dots Pattern S Diaper Bag

Floral Pattern S/D Diaper Bag

Nature Pattern S Diaper Bag

Plain Colour S Diaper Bag

Plain Colour S/D Diaper Bag

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